This course is designed specifically for those students, who wish to conduct all their training from Ab-initio to frozen ATPL in smooth succession.

Duration 14 - 15 months

Course Syllabus

Minimum total hours required to take the skill test - 220 hrs
Minimum solo X-Country hours - 50 hrs
Minimum total P.I.C. - 100 hrs
55 Hrs IR
23 Hrs ME
750 Hrs Theory
Written tests 14 ATPL Exams
Within 12 months you get:
CPL - Commercial Pilot License
ME - Multi Engine Rating
IR - Instrument Rating

"Frozen" ATPL – Airline Transport Pilot License (theoretical course) with minimum of 220 flight hours.
You will meet all the requirements to apply for airline pilot job as a First Officer.


1. be at least 17 years of age.
2. be the holder of at least a High School Degree or equivalent.
3. must speak/write fluently English language
4. must pass Aviation Medical Exams for class 1

Required documents before start:
1. Trainee Application Form
2. Clear Criminal Record from their own country (only for International Students)
3. 3 ID photos